We are always looking for ways to bring you new products and services or improve our existing services. Our new premium anti-spam system is a combination of both.

We have partnered with SpamExperts to implement their hosted cloud solution.

With the sole focus on anti-spam and anti-virus, a dedicated solution like SpamExperts can provide a much higher level of protection than the standard filtering that email server software can offer. We have been trialling this service for several weeks to and have seen a significant reduction in the amount of spam we’re seeing in our mailboxes.

Our premium service is based on per domain pricing rather than the per mailbox pricing that a lot of premium services offer. With the low per domain cost, you will save money even if you have only a few mailboxes. Those people with domains with a high number of mailboxes will see significant savings.

Incoming filtering is very easy to configure and just requires a small DNS change. Outgoing filtering requires a little more work, but our friendly support staff can help you through the process quickly and easily.

Pricing starts from less then $2/month for incoming filtering and $3/month for both incoming and outgoing.

Order your premium anti-spam filters service now and forget about spam.

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