We are pleased to announce that we have released a new range of cPanel based Linux hosting packages.

The new packages bring with them never software versions including PHP 7.1, 7.2 and MySQL 5.7.

The MultiPHP selector makes changing between PHP versions easy and allows you to easily manage settings like memory_limit, max_execution_time, display_errors, post_max_size and many more.

cPanel Multi PHP Selector

For those who want more fine-grained control over their PHP configuration, the MultiPHP INI Editor gives you control to view and update your ini file directly.

cPanel Multi PHP INI Editor

You can find MultiPHP Manager in the software section in your new Linux cPanel control panel.

The new cPanel also includes integration with our billing system so you can look up information and even order domains from within the control panel.

cPanel WHMCS Integration

Any new Linux packages ordered via our Linux packages pages at https://expeed.com.au/web-hosting/linux/linux-personal-hosting and https://expeed.com.au/web-hosting/linux/linux-business-hosting will automatically get the new features.

Any existing customers with current packages on the previous Linux servers can contact support to discuss migration options.