Australian Business Hosting

Adelaide based IT support, cloud services and web hosting. You worry about your business, let us worry about your IT.

Onsite IT Support

No matter if you’re a one man show, or a business with 100 employees, Expeed can assist you with your IT needs.

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Remote IT Support

Our dedicated consultants can do anything from diagnose an error message, to configuring complete servers, all done remotely.

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Managed Offsite Backup

Having a complete data backup stategy is a CRITICAL part of any business!

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IT Equipment Procurement

Expeed understand IT equipment and we work with the best brands to ensure that you’re IT investment is right for your needs.

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Website Design

Talk to us today if you’re looking at building a new website, or want to make sure your existing website is up to date and working as well as it can

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Staff IT Security Training

Don’t let your business become of of the statistics. Make sure your staff are all trained in the basics of IT security so they know how to identify and respond to threats to your business.

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