Are you already a satisfied Expeed customer? Maybe you’ve already recommended us to friends, family and colleagues; if so, thank you very much for that. Did you know that those referrals could earn you money for yourself? If you registered yourself as an affiliate, you can refer people to your heart’s content and every time they buy something, you get paid.

How does it work?

First of all, you let us know that you would like to be an affiliate, and we set up your account accordingly and send you a link (in HTML format) which could put on your website or e-mail to those people who you would like to tell about us.

When your referee follows the link, our system will register as them having been referred by you, and if they buy something it is shown against your account. It couldn’t be any easier.

What can I earn?

Of course what you can earn depends on how many people you refer and what they buy, the more sales you get and the more valuable those sales are, the more you earn personally. Naturally.

We pay 10% of the total sales revenue from referred customers to the affiliate.

It doesn’t end there though, if your referred customer continues to be a customer of ours month after month – and almost everyone is – then every time they pay their monthly bill, 10% of that goes into your account.

Therefore, if you refer a customer and they buy a plan for $30 per month, every time they pay that $30, you get 10% of it for yourself. $3 per month, every month while they are a customer.

Note though, customers must be a customer for at least one month and not avail themselves of our thirty day money back guarantee promise. Get over that hurdle and you are on your way.

How and when do I get paid?

To request an affiliate payout, you can login to your client area, click on the Affiliates link in the top menu and click the Request Withdrawl button.

Payments are made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) in all circumstances so the first time around we will request your bank details (and the account must be in your name) which we will then use for all subsequent payments until advised by you to the contrary. Monies sent via EFT will normally take 1-2 business days to arrive.

Are there any restrictions on payments?

Yes there are, but they are far from onerous: firstly, we only pay out commission if your balance is at least $100.

Secondly, we pay out a maximum of $1,000 per affiliate per month. If your commission amount is greater than $1,000 then our payment to you will be deducted from the balance which is then rolled over to the next month until everything has been paid to you.

If you are someone who is able to refer that many new clients that you will earn more than $1,000 in commission every month then we will make a separate arrangement with you on a per-affiliate basis which would be based upon historical referral amounts.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Not really, it’s a pretty simple system. Please be aware though that any income you make as an affiliate will likely count against your annual income and may impact your taxation status. You are solely responsible for any tax that is due on your affiliate earnings. If you are in any doubt about the tax or any other implications of being an affiliate, please consult a qualified professional on the matter.