Website Management

Expeed can not only host your website, but also help with the day to day updates, and management of your site, or look to build you a new site completely.

As a hosting provider, we understand that you want to spent more time running your business, and less trying to manage your website, so let us help.

Our website development team can take over the day to day running of your site.

We can manage backups, monitor the performance of your website, configure email and SSL, install content management system updates, update content, and troubleshoot website issues

How we can help you:

  • Website development for existing or new websites
  • Making websites mobile responsive
  • Manage backups
  • Monitor the uptime and performance of your website
  • Configure email and SSL
  • Install content management system updates
  • Update content
  • Troubleshoot issues
  • Manage your DNS
  • Setup email accounts
  • Assist with remote configuration of email accounts 1

1. Remote Access via TeamViewer. Limited Mac support available

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