The Importance Of Australian Web Hosting


If you’re an Australian business or targetting an Australian market, then Australian Web Hosting is a must. We’ve put together 4 compelling reasons why you should be hosting your website locally to you and your market.

Website Speed

Speed is critical to a website. If your site takes too long to load in your client’s browser, they’re more likely to click back to their Google search and select the next site in the list rather than wait for your’s to load. 

Latency is the time taken for data to go from your hosting server to your website visitors browser. The further physically your hosting is away from your audience, the higher the latency, and the longer it takes each and every page (and image) to load when a visitor arrives at your site.

The speed at which your site loads is taken into account when determining search rankings. So if your site loads slowly for users in Australia because you have it hosted in the US and latency is high, then you’re less likely to be ranked in the top results.

Speaking of Google, their indexing takes location into account when showing results. They know if your site is hosted in Australia, and they know if you’re searching from Australia, so for searches that are often location sensitive, they will give preference to local results.

Local Customer Support

We hear our customers comment almost weekly that they love the fact that they can pick up the phone and talk to us, or email through a ticket and get a reply almost immediately. While we put a special emphasis on providing exceptional customer service to our customers, the fact that almost all our customers are Australian people or businesses means that they can get support when they need it, not 16 hours later when it becomes daytime in someone else’s timezone.

Supporting Local Business

When you host locally, you support local businesses, just like us. This, in turn, allows us to hire local staff and build our local, state and national economies. When our local economies grow, we all benefit from local services and employment.

Data Privacy And Legal Jurisdiction

Data privacy is becoming more and more important and governments around the world are starting to pass laws requiring that certain data held by companies is retained within the country of origin, or the country the company is under legal jurisdiction. If you’re an Australian company and are retaining data on Australian users, then it’s important that that data be retained where you can legally control it. Your customers may not be thrilled to find out that you’re storing or sending their private data overseas in the US, Europe, or China.