Domain Transfer


Transferring your domain to Expeed is a very pain-free experience. All you will need is the EPP code, also know as the domain password or authcode, from your existing domain registrar.

Once you have ordered the transfer and paid any transfer fees, an email will be sent to the administrative contact on the domain with a link to approve the transfer.

After the transfer is approved by the admin contact, the transfer usually takes between 1 and 5 business days.

There are different rules regarding cost and domain expiry when transferring different domain names.

When transferring a .au domain name, there is usually no cost, and the expiry date of the domain does not change.

When transferring most other domain names, there is a transfer cost, usually equivalent to 1 years registration fees for that domain extension. Once transfer is complete, the expiry date of the domain will be extended by 1 year.

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