Secure SSL certificates

Do you have an eCommerce site, or just allow customers, or your admins to login to your site? If so, you should have your site secured by SSL.

It's easy to setup an SSL certificate for your domain. A few simple steps and we can help guide you through the process.

A standard SSL certificate will cover your base domain and the www subdomain ( and, or a single subdomain (

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A wildcard SSL certificate will cover your base domain and the any subdomains that you wish to use (,,,, etc)

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To ensure that you own the website that you are requesting an SSL certificate for, the SSL issuing authority require an approval email be sent to an administrator of the domain, prior to issuing the certificate. When you place the order for your SSL certificate, you will be asked for an Approver Email Address. The available options for the approver email must be one of admin@, administrator@, hostmaster@, webmaster@, or postmaster@ your domain name. Please ensure that one of these email accounts exist and is being monitored prior to placing your SSL certificate order.

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